hot melt brands

Fox Industries specializes in hotmelt and hot melt replacement systems for Nordson®, ITW®/LTI, Melton®, Meltex®, Slautterback® as well as other hot melt manufacturers.

Today, hot melt systems are used in a variety of manufacturing processes, including bookbinding, product assembly, and box and carton heat sealing.  Hot melt adhesives are commonly used for packaging, textiles, labels, and other pressure sensitive applications, disposable products, stamps and envelopes, and product assembly processes. 

Hot Melt Adhesives:  Industry Examples
Industry Hot Melt Application
Construction Manufacture of laminated wood panels; kitchen countertops.
Non-rigid Bonding Bonding of woven and non-woven fabrics; manufacture of athletic shoes, books, and sporting goods.
Packaging Manufacture of cartons, boxes and corrugated boards; bags, envelopes, disposable products (diapers, paper products); cigarettes; and labels, stamps.
Vehicles Aircraft and aerospace structural assemblies; automotive, truck, boat, and bus assembly; mobile home manufacturing.


Melton® is a registered trademark of Valco Cincinnati.  Nordson® is a registered trademark of Nordson Corporation.  Slautterback® is a registered trademark of Nordson Corporation.  ITW® is a registered trademark of Illinois Toolworks.  Valco® is is a registered trademark of Valco Cincinnati.

Fox Industries is not affiliated with any of the above companies.  We supply replacement parts that are neither genuine OEM nor authorized by the above companies.